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It doesn’t take much to be kind to another person, but often times it seems as though kindness has become a chore. It might just be due to the busyness of city life, but I rarely see people being legitimately kind to one another. Kindness is not just a way of treating another individual, kindness is also an overall disposition of pleasantry marked by a jovial attitude towards others. Many people consider acts of kindness to be grand gestures that are outside of normal interaction, but I would say an act of kindness could be something as small as saying hello with an authentic happy mood. Living in the city, I have noticed that the general attitude is stoic in nature, it is not until I visited smaller towns or other countries that I run into genuinely kind individuals. There was once a time when I believed that it was impossible to be kind in certain places, but I have since learned that kindness is effective in any situation, and the addition of kindness to even the most stressful circumstances works to alleviate the pressure of the situation. Kindness is necessary for any society to thrive, but it is a trait that must be learned. In order for humanity to thrive, we must foster true kindness in the next generation. Kindness is an infectious positive attitude that is independent of culture, gender, or ethnicity, hopefully all people can learn the benefits of kindness and choose to live peaceably with one another.