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One of my favorite animated movies is The Prince of Egypt, this movie is based on the biblical story of Moses, his birth, and how he was used to free the Israelites from Egypt. The Prince of Egypt is a fantastic movie full of musical scores and a compelling story, as it traces the exploits of Moses in a way that is easy to follow for children and adults alike. This movie, while not completely biblical, is possibly the best adaptation of the story I have seen in years as it ditches the Hollywood style of romanticization for a more humble and heartfelt approach of telling the story. The story of Moses has seen many different cinematic releases, most famously in 1956 with Charlton Heston playing Moses in The Ten Commandments, but few are as effective at showing the moral of the story as The Prince of Egypt. The recent film, Exodus, made an attempt to retell the story in a more modern dramatic fashion but in my opinion the director completely missed the point. In Exodus, Moses was portrayed more as an unstable barbarian than as an unlikely leader, the way Moses was portrayed somewhat cheapened the gravity of what he did in the story. While the Exodus movie is good, when taken as purely an action movie, it fails to effectively tell the story of The Exodus, as it chooses action of storyline. The Prince of Egypt is a great film for the family and a splendid example of story telling via animation. I definitely recommend the movie to anyone who hasn’t seen it. It is a great family film and viewers of all ages will find themselves singing along with the catchy tunes for weeks.