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Nothing ruins a good day like getting into a car accident. Today I got into a small fender bender, but since it was my first accident in all of my years of driving, it was pretty traumatic. I am glad nobody was hurt, and the damage was minimal, but just getting into an accident is very annoying. Dealing with insurance is one thing, but when you constantly run scenarios in your mind in which things could have turned out differently, it starts to really be a bother. I have blogged before about regret, and today was a real life example of how a small mistake can really effect your mood, even when you are not at fault. The part of a mistake or car accident that really nags is the thought that it could have been worst. I am thankful that there were no injuries, and that those terrible variables that could have lead to a more serious event where not in place, but I am still a bit upset over the situation. I guess the moral of the day is just to be thankful, any bad day could have always been worse. I will just have to learn from my mistakes, and be more careful while driving in the future.