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I have always had an obsession with speedy animals, as a child two of my favorite animals where the peregrine falcon and the cheetah. Some would think I admired those creatures since they are the fastest animals in their respective planes of travel, but my admiration goes beyond speed. While the peregrine falcon is the world’s fastest animal, the cheetah has always been my overall favorite based on the fact that I was always a fan of wild cats. The cheetah is an endangered animal, that is found in the southern portions of Africa. The cheetah has been known to reach speeds of up to 75 mph, to put that in perspective, the fastest known human speed is 27 mph, which is about 1/3 of the cheetah’s pace. The fact that the cheetah is such as quick creature always lead me to wonder why it was ever listed as an endangered species, but its speed comes at a price. In order to have the ability to reach such high speeds the cheetah does not have the same power other predators possess, and even though they can catch their prey they often have to give up their kills to avoid fighting a more dangerous predator. The biggest threats to the cheetah today are other predators and lack of food, the cheetah gives birth to multiple cubs and since they are not often able to bring back meals for the cubs, many of them end up being prey themselves. The majestic cheetah has been somewhat revived by various acts of conservation and environmental protection, but due to different scientific aspects, many believe this animal will soon face extinction. The cheetah is my favorite animal, I would love to share my affinity for this great creature with my grandchildren someday. I just hope this animal can survive the next few decades, and with the help of humans, thrive for centuries to come.