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Yesterday I was having a little debate with a friend about the role physicality plays in attraction with men and women. My friend was firmly in the camp that men are always physically motivated when searching for a mate, while women are exclusively emotionally motivated. Before I get into my rebuttal to that claim, I must state that this friend of mine is also a male, so I was somewhat shocked that he wouldn’t give his own kind the benefit of the doubt. I understand that throughout history men have been seen as only motivated by what they see, but as times have changed I have to argue that women are almost just as physically motivated as men when it comes to looking for a partner or mate. I have several female friends who have openly mused about the height and appearance of their optimal mate, and while that may not be as sexual in nature as what men dream about, I feel it is just as relevant to the argument that women care about what they see. There is a common phrase that states “sex sells,” and while I understand that many commercials and movies geared towards men prod at that factor of the male psyche, women are also the target of many sexually based advertisements. For every hooters commercial geared towards men, we have a superhero movie in which the male protagonist is inexplicably shown partially nude. The fact of the matter is that human beings, as a whole, are drawn to things and people based on what they see. With the advent of gender equality it is no shock that many women are just as open to express their sexuality as men have seemingly always been, and I feel as though that point on its own makes my argument. Both men and women are largely driven by sight, and while many may believe that women are solely drive by emotion, I think they are somewhat misinformed and their data is completely outdated.