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I love cookies, and the Oreo is arguably the king of all cookies, over the years Nabisco has given the cookie different twist in an effort to drum up publicity on the already famous cookie, but few have hit the mark like the new smores Oreo that was just released. I would consider myself an “Oreo connoisseur,” I have eaten almost every iteration of the cookie, from the terribly over sweetened birthday cake Oreo to the surprisingly delicious pumpkin spice variety, and none have managed to both taste like their target and still keep the Oreo feel like the smores version. The smores Oreo is the first Oreo to have anything other than a standard cookie shell, this Oreo stays true to the smore by having chocolate and marshmallow filling flanked by two graham crackers. I always enjoyed eating graham crackers as a child so this tiny change to my favorite cookie was easy for me to try, and even welcomed for a bit of a change of pace. Out of all the different cookies or cereals I have tasted that claimed to be smores or smores flavored, this Oreo is the most authentic to the original. The only thing that would make this cookie better is if it was possible to heat the marshmallow cream. If you are a fan of Oreos or a fan of smores I would definitely recommend picking up this cookie, it will be available for a limited time, and based on the availability of past Oreo flavors, I can attest to the fact that the company sticks to their limits.