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Fashion is a fickle art, clothing changes so frequently that it is hard to create a lasting impact in the fashion world. In this day and age fashion is extremely cyclical with styles being taken from every era and rehashed for a modern look, but even with the slight tweaks to styles there is almost no such thing as originality. Humans have been around and wearing clothing for a long time, so it is understandable that we might have an issue with creating new looks, but it is frustrating as a consumer to have to repurchase the clothing you sent to Salvation Army a short decade ago. I have several friends in the fashion world, and while they are doing some amazing things with fabrics, it is hard to imagine that there is a profit to be made with a product that is so volatile. Many current fashion lines are created or backed by celebrities and musicians so they have a direct line to the consumer. Celebrity backed fashion lines often set the pace for and direct the path of fashion for entire seasons, so “individuality” in fashion is often based on what the celebs are pushing on the consumer. No matter how unique a look is meant to be, it is usually unsuccessful if it is not similar to the popular look of the more profitable brands. I believe the best fashion is a classic semi formal look, since a nice suit will never go out of style. The cuts my change with the times, but a suit is a look that is timeless. I understand that I can’t wear a suit everywhere, but since it is the only attire that hasn’t changed in the last 60 years I think it’s a safe bet when trying to be trendy in this ever changing world of fashion.