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I think the Internet may have killed the hobby of collecting. Since the dawn of the Internet people have been trying to digitize everything, from currency to medical records everything seems to have a digital copy or equivalent. There was once an era when music CDs, movies, and comic books held value for a considerable amount of time, but today they are vastly devalued by the existence of digital versions. The digital revolution, though convenient to the consumer, does have its casualties, and they are mainly in the form of collectables. The value of collectable items has seen a sharp decrease due to the rise of digital downloads, and it is not because of a lack of demand for these items but an over saturation of their availability. There was once a time when people would have to search thrift stores and garage sales for their childhood favorites, but today they can just download it and enjoy appeasing their nostalgia from home, and at a considerable discount. Most items that were ever dubbed “collector’s items” are now just valuable to collectors, they are now only sought after by hobbyists looking to complete a collection, so they are no longer as valuable as they once were. The Internet makes many things easy for everyday people, but it also teaches a lesson to those looking to make money from their old trinkets. The lesson is that all new technology will inevitably bring change, but not all change is good for business.