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  I am a Yankee fan so naturally, I despise the Mets, but I must say they have a pretty nice stadium. I try to make it out to at least two mets games each season, and today was as beautiful a day as any to get out and catch a game. I decided to head out and watch the Mets play against the Miami Marlins, since my favorite player plays for that team, and I must say I was pleased with the performance. Usually when marquee players come to New York they seem to shrink in the spotlight and play pedestrian games, but today Giancarlo Stanton showed up in a huge way as his team went on to defeat the Mets. Stanton showed off his famous power swing as he hit two HomeRuns, one of which went farther than any I’ve seen all year. I am always happy to go into Citi field and watch a great game, but I’m made happier by the fact that my favorite player played a great game and ended up beating the Mets. In the immortal words of rapper Ice Cube, “today was a good day.”