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I love writing, and I have said before in this blog that it just might be my favorite hobby. I especially love creative writing since it is a fantastic avenue for expression and a path to creating my own world on a page. Creative writing gives me full control over every aspect of my stories, so I can make a dog talk or a penguin fly if it progresses the story. I don’t write because I am uncomfortable with how the world is, I write because I love to share a contrasting view from how things actually are in the world. Most of the things I write outside of this blog are works of fiction, I especially enjoy writing children’s stories, because children are still learning how the world works and stories geared towards them can have a more carefree tone while still sharing a serious message. I personally think it is easier to explain some of the more complex themes of life through stories told to children. Even before writing was widely used to tell tales, spoken fables and ancient proverbs were told to children in order to teach them important lessons in life. I like to condense as many important themes as a can into a story made for children because it may be a child’s only chance to form an understanding of the issues they will face in life. Writing is important, it is more than just a hobby or a subject taken in school, writing is a perfect way to share knowledge and express emotion. I may be repeating something I said on an earlier blog, but writing is necessary for the future and I would love to see a renewal of interest in reading in future generations.