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I didn’t think I would be writing about FIFA two times within the span of a week, but there have been some interesting developments in the international soccer world. Today, newly reelected FIFA president, Sepp Blatter announced he will be resigning from his position after 17 years in power. The news of Blatter’s resignation comes hot on the heels of allegations that his top lieutenant has been indicated in the bribery scandal that has been in the news. The news of the resignation all but solidifies the notions that Blatter not only knew of the money switching hands, but possibly received some money for allowing his organization to run in such a controversial way. Last week, after Blatter won his bid for reelection, he made a speech in which he stayed far away from the controversy and tried to proclaim a new season for FIFA, but now that we know his right hand man was part of the scandal he is trying to completely remove himself for the troubles of the organization. It is kind of funny that the changes in FIFA that Blatter spoke of in his speech will now include a change in president, but this organization needed to go in a different direction and quickly. I am actually extremely happy about the possibilities of real change coming to FIFA, the organization has been run the same way my whole life and there was never any reason to correct the issues, now with a new, Blatter free FIFA, soccer may get more modern regulations. As for Blatter, I don’t think his resignation will have any effect on this investigation. On Friday he was asked if he going to resign from his position as FIFA president and he stated, “Why would I step down? That would mean I recognise that I did wrong.” Well he has now stepped down and essentially claimed he is in the wrong, I expect this investigation to go on, and unfortunately for Blatter it may not end until he is in handcuffs.