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I am going on an extended weekend trip and I started thinking about what I should pack in my bag. I have never been that great at packing a bag, so I decided I would take the lessons I’ve learned in my past packing mistakes and give a list of tips for packing a bag.

For starters know the climate of your destination, when you are going to a summer setting don’t pack a sweater or a coat. Don’t even wear a coat if you are going to a warm climate, when you get to an arid region, there is nothing worse than having to walk around with your coat in your hand, even if it is only for a little while.

Pack for your activities, I know that this is simple enough but most people do not plan accordingly for trips. The best advice I can give for packing is to make sure you pack for activities you will enjoy doing, being prepared is the key to effective packing and it saves money not having to buy what you left at home.

My last tip is to keep things you don’t need to a minimum, often times when doing last minute packing I have been guilty of putting too much of what I don’t need into the bag. Over packing wastes space, and leads to missing the important things. The best solution for the problem of over packing is to make a list of what you need for the trip, and leave out the things that you can simply purchase at a low price. I used these tips in packing my bag and I must say, I’ve never done a better job at it. Just abiding by these three easy tips will make any future trip much easier and a lot less stressful.