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The NBA finals starts tonight, in this evening’s game the Warriors will face off against the Cavaliers as they start a seven game series. Both teams are extremely talented but this game is highlighted by the presence of the league MVP, Stephen Curry, and the league’s former MVP and best player, Lebron James. The Cavaliers have been running on all cylinders this season, as the return of Lebron James has made this once terrible team a solid championship contender. Lebron is a unique basketball player, he is much faster and more athletic than players his size, and he has a basketball IQ that rivals the greatest players who ever graced the court. It would be hard for any team to face such a daunting task as neutralizing Lebron James, but I honestly think the Warriors have exactly what it takes to succeed. The Golden State Warriors are a team on a mission to disprove the doubters, they were the best team in the NBA this year, and they have the MVP, as well as one of the runner ups for the defensive player of the year award on their team, but they are still not recognized as the favorite to win. In each series the Warriors have played during the playoffs, television analysts gave reasons why they wouldn’t win. The Warriors are a team of shooters, they tend to play outside of the paint, and they don’t have a dominant big man, they basically lack what a “championship caliber” teams has, but they are primed to break the mold. Stephen Curry is a fantastic player, his skill set is not exactly unique, but the aptitude he has for the game makes him one of the best players I’ve ever seen. Curry has the ability to dribble the ball out of tight coverage, and shoot from anywhere on the court, unless the Cavaliers make Lebron guard Curry all game, they will have an difficult time winning this series. These games are going to be competitive, and both teams will be sure to play their hardest in order to take home the trophy, but I have to choose the Warriors to win in seven games. The Warriors have shown they are tough, and they play team basketball, every player on the team knows his place and they have been successful for it, I expect that this team solidarity will be the X-factor in the series and the Warriors will find a way to win a tough last game by a small margin. The teams are set and the starting whistle is about to be blown, I look forward to an exciting end to the NBA season and I hope to see the Warriors come out on top.