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Today is the running of the Belmont Stakes, it is the third race in a series of big horse racing events. This year’s event is special due to the fact that there will be a horse that is running in hopes of winning the triple crown. The triple crown is a feat that is accomplished by a horse who can successfully place first in each of the three races in the series. The winner of the previous two races, American Pharoah, looks to be the 12th horse to take home the triple crown in the long history of the sport. American Pharoah is a spunky horse, with a purposely misspelled name, and an absurd amount of energy, the most notable thing about this horse is how he never seems to get a great jump at the start, but he still ends up in first place. Over the past couple of years, there have been many attempts to win the triple crown, by many fast and well bred horses, but nobody has managed to bring home that title since 1978. I would love to see a triple crown winner in my lifetime, but unfortunately I don’t think American Pharoah will be able to overcome a poor start in this race and find a way to win.