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Today, as I was tossing around a baseball with my younger brother, we decided to take a break to enjoy the park. After a while of sitting and enjoying the serenity my brother told me he doesn’t exactly understand how people have one place of relaxation. I am one of these people who has a hard time relaxing so, I fully agreed with his query, but sitting on that grass and just resting made me realize that that park is my “place of relaxation.” I actually had nothing to think about or worry about other that catching the ball when it was thrown my way, it was quite peaceful. I understand what he meant by one place of relaxation, because for me, a place of relaxation is conditional. The same park we sat in this afternoon, could be filled with barbecues and loud birthday parties in a week’s time, so for places of relaxation it must fit what is needed at a specific moment. Some people love to fly fish in a quiet stream, and others may enjoy a loud concert, but both individuals have their place of rest, and that is the key to relaxation. I know that I won’t be able to always have a peaceful park to sit in and listen to birds chirping, but I now know that any time I can find this place, I have found relaxation.