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The Tortoise and the Hare is one of Aesop’s famous fables about a race between a rabbit and a turtle, and it’s unexpected outcome. In the fable, the Tortoise is fed up with the cocky ramblings of the Hare, so in his attempts to humble the Hare he unwittingly accepts a challenge to a race. During the race the Hare decides to eat a meal, and take a couple of naps before he realizes the Tortoise was almost at the finish line. The Tortoise ends up winning the race and silently smiles as he knows that he succeeded in humbling the Hare. There are many varying interpretations of this story, but in my opinion, the best lesson of this fable is to not allow your talents to get ahead of you. By stating keeping talents from getting ahead of you, I mean don’t get too confident in your skills, since someone will always work harder to succeed at the same art. The Hare felt as though he was the fastest creature on the planet, and while he may have been, he did not have the determination and desire necessary to allow his talents to take flight. This story is timeless because it can be equated to just about any life situation. There will always be things that you may not excel in, but if hard work is put forth and care is given you may find yourself surpassing the “Hares” in your life.