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Click baiting is an extremely annoying marketing tool that was once used exclusively on Internet banner ads, but it has now spread to mainstream media outlets and blogs. The “art” of click baiting involves using an obscure headline as a link, in order to get readers to view a story or posting. Click baiting is a way to drive site views and increase ad revenue, but I can’t stand it, and I know I am not the only person annoyed by this tactic. I have blacklisted several sites due to their insistence on using click bait, and I am probably never going to return to many of them even if they fix the issue. In recent years there has been an increase in slideshow websites, these are sites that draw individuals in with click baiting, then ask readers to click through top ten lists in order to get more individual views. I understand that blogs and companies need to make money, but it gets annoying when the reader has to be subjected to this type of forced advertising. I think a new method of online advertising needs to be created, one that is non intrusive, but still effective in pushing a product such as product integration. Until more people start boycotting the worst offending websites, these sites will continue to trick readers into paying their bills. I know I am just one person but if several million feel as I do and act accordingly, things may change and the Internet will be free from trickery. To clarify my point, I am not against advertisements on websites and blogs since I know that these businesses need money, I am just against the art of tricking people to click a link for a story that doesn’t even exist, solely to earn some money.