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Nothing says excess like a new mall, throughout the world giant malls and shopping centers are being built up in order for developers and architects to show the mastery of their craft, but I think the malls of today are generally overkill. I love the idea of going to one location in order to purchase everything I need, but I don’t think I need to walk by seven jewelry stores in order to pick up a new pair of jeans. Malls are popping up everywhere and they are by in large all made from the same template, developers place large department stores on each end, throw in every major jeweler available, and sprinkle in a couple of gourmet pretzel stands to entice hungry shoppers to forgo their diets. I guess the best thing about a mall is the fact that there is always familiarity no matter how far from home you get, but I feel as though the sheer amount of malls in one city can have a negative effect on the business owners in the city. I get that malls are convenient, and that they bring plenty of money into their host cities, but there have been at least three newly opened malls within my borough over the last two years, that is an outrageous stat considering the general state of the economy. These newly opened malls have created several low wage jobs, but money must be spent within a mall for it to survive. The proximity of these malls is a threat to the malls, and to the people who work within them. It seems as though the efforts that are currently being made to drive economic growth have a clear expiration date, and it is becoming apparent that malls, while convenient, may just be a bandage on an ever growing wound that needs immediate urgent care.