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If I could use an emoticon to express my feelings for this film it would have to be this one ” 😦 ” and for those who are not fully versed in the realm of “txt talk,” that is supposed to be a sad face. I went into the theatre full of excitement, with fond memories of the first film in the Jurassic series, expecting to see some dinosaurs and some action, and I left with a sour taste in my mouth and the dreaded realization that a sequel is in the works. This film was riddled with issues, from the writing, to the acting, there was no point in which I felt like the characters were genuine enough to actually care about. The emotion in the film was forced and predictable, and the overall tone felt more like a mid nineties children’s show than a family friendly action film. Even with the PG-13 rating, this movie seemed to push its boundaries with a few uninspired gruesome dinosaur attack scenes that just didn’t seem to be as impressive as they were meant to be. I am a big fan of Chris Pratt so I expected his character to be the films saving grace, and while his acting was fine, his lines were so cheesy I had to make sure I wasn’t watching an old school G.I. Joe cartoon. I don’t usually like to give bad reviews of Scifi films because they hold a certain license to explore the unbelievable, but this film took far too many liberties in the realm of disbelief, while failing to explain the actual possibility of such an occurrence within their world. I am not going to spoil the movie since I know many want to watch it but I will say, a raptor riding a T-Rex happened, and it was underwhelming. I will saw the overall visuals of the movie were fantastic, but I just can not recommend it. If you must see this film, please watch a matinee showing to save a few bucks, you may my hate it, but I am sure you will not love it.