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The Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 as it is commonly known, is a huge annual fair and trade show that focuses on video gaming. Over the past few years my interest in this event has waned as my priorities have shifted, but from time to time I like to check in to see what good old Nintendo has in store for their fans. Every year during this event, the major video game companies hold key note speeches in which they show off their newest gadgets and demo their newest software. I’d like to say that the excitement for this event is at the same level as it has always been, but it is clear that the world of gaming has shifted from the way it was in the past. Today’s most popular video games are usually played on mobile phones and tablet devices, and since these mobile games are free, they have a larger following than traditional console games. Console gaming is quickly becoming extinct due to the high price of both hardware and software, and the lack of direct developer support that is seen on mobile gaming platforms. This year’s E3, at least to this observer, seems to be crucial to the future of home video game consoles. The rising cost of game development and the poor customer demand for consoles has made video games unappealing to former “gamers” and unprofitable to many companies. In this year’s event many companies have turned to independent developers in order to push their hardware, but it seems like these companies are trying too hard to emulate the success of mobile gaming. Mobile games are easy to pick up, and drop at anytime, and that is a feature that today’s massive consoles will never be able to copy. I believe that game creation is an art akin to making a movie, instead of going cheaper I hope to see major game companies release monumental games. I used to love playing games that had a great story and larger than life visuals, and I feel that in order for consoles to stay relevant they must return to high priced production, hopefully it would be a gamble that pays off and reignites interest in the hobby of gaming.