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The NBA season has come to an end, and it was quite an exciting finish. The Warriors defeated the Cavaliers in a matchup for the ages, and as I predicted they managed to do it in only six games. I was thrilled by the play of both teams but what really caught my eye was the play of Lebron James. He showed that he is worthy of the title of best player in the NBA, but unfortunately he had to face off against the best team in the NBA. The Warriors won against all odds, as their staring lineup was absent of a tall center piece, and they managed to play their brand of basketball without worrying about what the analyst considered to be the most important aspect. I have said plenty of times, even within this blog, that I am not a big fan of basketball, but I think I may finally waver on that stance after watching this exciting series. Every moment of the every game during this NBA finals was exciting, I found myself glued to the screen as I watched the world’s best players on the leagues biggest stage. While the Cavaliers lost, they have much to look forward to next season, the team is young, talented, and hopefully still the home to Lebron James. If the Cavs can stay healthy and learn to play better as a squad, they will be championship contenders next year. The Warriors, a team full of young stars, managed to win this title, and based on their skills and fluidity they may become the NBA’s next dynasty. I am excited for the future of the NBA and I hope to see more teams emerge as championship competitors in the coming years.