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Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.

-Albert Einstein

Peace is a period of harmony or accord between social groups and countries. Throughout the history of man, there are actually very few if any short periods of peace. Albert Einstein’s quote hits on the major issue that hinders peacefulness, that is the use of force to try and foster peace. Peace is something that everyone on earth is searching for, but we are forgetting one of the major necessities for peace. In a war for peace, as oxymoronic a term as that is, there is no chance for understanding because way too much force is used, and in protests many fight to be understood but are met with undue force. Humans need to work better to understand one another, understanding does not mean agreeing with everything others do or say, understanding is taking time to listen to the concerns of others before drawing conclusions. In order for peace to be attained people must put aside their differences and get to know their adversary, perhaps we are all more similar than we think and peace is only a long talk away.