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Alex Rodriguez joined an exclusive club yesterday, he became the 29th player in MLB history to tally up 3000 hits, and he managed to accomplish this feat in stellar fashion as he did it with a homerun. Before last night only two other players have managed to hit a homerun for their 3000th hit and it is only fitting that Arod, wearing number 13, would make his 13th homerun of the season his 3000th hit. Alex Rodriguez is one of the most hated athletes in America due to the fact that he admitted steroid use, but I really don’t think the people who hate him realize just how talented he actually is. I understand that steroids and other performance enhancing drugs do help athletes work out harder and stay healthy, but they can not give people the ability to hit the ball. I don’t think baseball players should be penalized for using PEDs, because at the height of the drugs’ popularity, the use was rampant in the league, and the most talented players were the only ones benefitting from their “effects.” For every Mark McGuire there was a Jeremy Giambi, although they were both on the drugs, they had drastically different careers, and this is due to the talent gap between them. The very real talent gap between Arod and other users of PEDs is my major reason for believing Arod and these other “cheaters” belong in the Hall of Fame. As it stands, the hall of fame is and will always be without several very talented players, I just hope the MLB will take the time to reevaluate the blame, and give players like Arod a shot at being immortalized in the hall of fame for their legendary careers.