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Dads get a pretty bad rap nowadays, I understand that there are many bad men who leave women with their children, but Father’s Day is not for them. Father’s Day is for real fathers, the guys who know who their children are. I just had to start with that because, over the past few years, I have seen postings over social media belittling Father’s Day due to the fact that some mothers raise their children alone. I respect single mothers and know they work very hard but today is for the fathers, the ones who do their job. The job of a father is an interesting one, especially in humans, a father is tasked with teaching their son to be a man, and also with teaching their daughter what a man is. In most species on this planet fatherhood is just a means to proliferate the species, but with humans fatherhood is more than just the physical act of producing progeny, it is also about rearing them correctly. Fatherhood is a difficult job, yet many men have taken up this task and done magnificently, so I would like to salute my dad and the great dads out there who have worked hard and raised generations of children aspiring to follow in their footsteps.