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Every once in a while, my friends and I get into random conversations, and most recently we got into a discussion about what we would choose as our top three most desirable super powers. Whenever super powers are discussed, it seems like most people are quick to choose the powers of Superman, powers like flight, super strength, and super speed, but I think those are pretty cliché and things would probably get boring quickly. If I honestly had the choice of three powers, I would choose the ability to control time, invincibility, and probably super strength. I always felt like, if super powers were real and if I was given the ability, I would use my super human talents to help others. It would probably be easier to be a villain, but I think I would have too much of a guilty conscience to be able to freely use abilities for evil purposes. The powers I chose were kind of a mixed bag, but the answers a person gives to the question of what abilities they would choose, can tell a lot about their character. Now, there is nothing scientific about this assumption, I just believe that there are some abilities that can only be used for personal gain or betterment. Abilities like mind control probably could be useful in helping others, but I’m certain that most people would use that ability to get whatever they want, before even trying to figure out how it can help others. I don’t base my decision to be friends with a person on their answers to this playful query, but I would say it is a fun question to ask others, just to see if you can get a glimpse into who they are from their answers. Humans in general are pretty transparent, no matter what we try to hide, it ends up showing through in our actions or behaviors. Try asking friends this super power question, you may not be so surprised with their answers.