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I always wonder why people have so much hate for rainy days, there is nothing so terrible about seeing water falling from the sky. Rain is something that has been enjoyed and even revered for centuries, it signifies new beginnings and also growth. In recent times rain has been given a bad name due to the fact that it often comes with clouds and also because it usually means plans have been cancelled. Many sporting events, parades, and festive outings are either postponed or completely ruined by the presence of rain, but in my opinion, events can be enhanced by a little intervention form Mother Nature. I love rain, I mean, I wouldn’t want rain on my wedding day, but I just really enjoy walking around in the rain. I feel like the streets are more peaceful in the rain, especially in the city since people try to avoid it. On a rainy day I don’t feel mopey or down, I like to look at a rainy day as a chance to enjoy a pseudo private tour of a park or wherever I may be exploring for the day. Rain doesn’t always have to mean plans are ruined, as they say “when life gives you lemons…” It is best to look at rain as a chance to modify plans and probably explore new things. Today, on this rainy Sunday, rather than staying in, try taking a walk in the park, it is much more peaceful in the rain.