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Have you ever come to a point where you know you have to start over, but you have put in too much work to really consider the move? Every once in a while we are faced with circumstances that are complicated, to say the least, and our only choices are to continue trudging through the muck of a terrible situation, or to turn back seemingly to start over. I tend to be the type of person who just won’t quit, even when the chips are stacked against me I like to see a battle through. While it is not fun fighting a losing battle, it is immensely rewarding to come away with a success after it seemed like it was impossible to win. Past victories in the face of defeat are why tenacious individuals press on even when it seems they can not win, but even when you are just being resilient, pride can cause ultimate defeat. There is a difference between being resilient and prideful, and those who can distinguish between the two know when it means they must turn around before they can come back to face a situation differently. Sometimes making a 180 does not mean quitting, when you turn away from a situation it is to come back with a better solution. Even in war, the term retreat does not mean to give up, it is a tactic used to escape with enough resources to win the war at a later time, when you have sured up your strategy. Everyone needs to take the time to evaluate all of the obstacles they face in life, if a battle is too hard, perhaps taking a 180 on the situation to regroup is the best course of action, and the fastest way to ultimate victory.