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I enjoy any kind of fiction that contains the vehicle of time travel. I call time travel a vehicle because once you introduce it into any story, you simply can not toss it aside as just another means to deliver a narrative. Time travel, once introduced, brings with it a litany of other issues that can only be explained or corrected with time travel. This brings me to my review of Terminator Genisys, this film is the fifth film in the Terminator franchise, a series that is known for using time travel to tell the compelling story of how robots conquered the human race. As a fan of both time travel and Terminator I loved this film, this movie was made for fans of the original Terminator, it even had a few scenes that were almost direct copies of the original film, as well as plenty of Easter eggs that long time fans would enjoy. I generally don’t like reading reviews or previews of films I plan on watching, I love to go to the theatre and blindly watch a film so my view of it isn’t tainted or skewed by the reviews of others, so as always I entered the theatre knowing almost nothing about the plot of this film. As I was watching the start of this film I honestly hoped it would be a frame by frame remake of the first Terminator movie, but I was happy with the product I was met with nonetheless. Terminator Genisys gives a pseudo prequel to the Terminator series, as well as reboots it, since it treats the original films as another timeline that has not been altered by an unknown friend or foe from further in the future. This movie takes time travel to a whole new level as it plays with multiple realities while keeping them within the same plane of existence, as a time traveling fan this could be a bit annoying since it tended to contradict its own set timeline, but as a terminator fan I was more forgiving of the strange use of the vehicle. This movie was full of great dialogue and action, I really enjoyed the pace of this film, but I feel as though the story could have been helped by a little more character development for some of the supporting cast. This film is clearly the start of a new set of films in the Terminator franchise, hopefully they will build on the momentum this movie will surely gain and use time travel more coherently in the future films. If you are a fan of time travel, I would suggest watching the first couple of Terminator movies before this one to get a feel for how the series treats the fictional mode of travel. If you are a fan of the Terminator franchise or of action movies in general, you will most definitely love this film, it builds on what is loved about the series and creates a new way of expanding on the struggle between humans and machines.