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I am about a day late on this, but I have to congratulate the U.S. Women’s National Team for their World Cup victory. The U.S. team managed to dismantle Japan in the finals, as they coasted to a 5 – 2 victory behind the power of an early hat trick by Carli Lloyd. The final game was surprisingly watchable, considering how ugly it was early on, the U.S. Team managed to score four goals in about 15 minutes. The scoring in this game happened so quickly that I didn’t even have time to turn on a television before the U.S. was up 3 – 0. I have to commend Japan for staying in the game and keeping it competitive even though they were down by four, there were even times in the game that I thought I would see a comeback, but the U.S. wisely held their lines and kept to the game plan. The major story of this year’s Women’s World Cup was gender equality. The women who played in this tournament not only played as hard as the men, but they also put on just as good of a show. I watched quite a few games if this tournament and I can honestly say that soccer is a sport in which the intensity of the women’s game often surpasses that of the men. FIFA needs to take a close look at what went on this summer in Canada, and they need to start paying the women better and treating the athletes with more respect. I know that women’s sports in general does not get the level of coverage of the male variation, but I believe that this World Cup, and the way all of the qualifying teams played, has done a great job in showing just how competitive and exciting women’s sports can be.