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In life bad decisions seem to be an inevitability, while I personally can look back at many of my poor decisions and pinpoint where I went wrong, it is rare to find the flaws in a decision at the time it is being made. A couple of days ago I blogged about the poor decisions NFL players make during their time off and I specifically mentioned a player on my favorite team who made an extremely dangerous and foolish decision. Jason Pierre-Paul, a defensive lineman of the New York Giants, injured his hand while lighting fireworks this past weekend. Today it has come to light that the injury JPP suffered was way more serious than originally reported. Pierre-Paul’s hand injuries were substantial enough that they required the amputation of the index finger on his right hand. While I’m sure JPP never thought a little fun with fireworks would cost him a crucial part of one of his extremities, this will undoubtedly go down in his mind as the worst decision he has ever made, and a decision that quite possibly just cost him at least 60 million dollars. The funny thing about bad decisions is the fact that when we consciously make them, they usually don’t turn out that bad, what I mean is that if we know something is a foolish choice we seem to regret it the whole time. It is as if no matter what, we will always regret a bad decision, either during or after the fact. I know poor decisions are an inevitability, it is just a good idea to look at life from the point of view of the wise, and keep your choices on the smarter side.