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I am starting a series in which I will discuss some of my favorite people in history and why they made the list. I will not be ranking these people since they could all go into different categories, and it would be too difficult to accurately place them on a “favorite” scale. I currently have about four people in mind, but the list may be as large as ten individuals and even possibly a couple of groups. The first person on my list is Sir Isaac Newton, also known as the guy with the apple falling in his head. Isaac Newton revolutionized the way we look at motion and the way we look at the universe at large. Newton’s laws of motion are one of the first things we learn in physics, and a solid explanation for why our toy cars rolled down hills when we were children. It is amazing how Newton had the boldness and intelligence to make such an assertion about gravity in the era in which he lived, and the fact that his laws are still being held up and studied today it is a testament to his persistence in proving his hypothesis. Newton is one of my favorite people mainly due to his work in mathematics and science. I would consider myself as something of a “nerd,” and I was always interested in the works of Newton. While Sir Isaac is best known for the laws of motion, he actually had quite a few other interesting ideas in science, some of which didn’t pan out as well as gravity did though. Isaac Newton was truly a trailblazer in his time, and his interesting life and his informative studies have landed him on my list of favorite people in history.