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Theodor Seuss Geisel, the man millions of children know as Dr. Seuss, is the second person I will post about on my list of favorite people. Dr. Seuss is known worldwide for his books and drawing, and he is on my list due to the motivation I gain from his artwork. The stories written and illustrated by Dr. Seuss are imaginative, fun, heartfelt, and educational, everything a growing child needs to fall in love with reading. Seuss’ books are fun to read and instrumental in giving children a joyful first impression of reading. As a child I was a reader, I enjoyed stories that were relatable but also outlandish, and Dr. Seuss perfectly blended what I was looking for into what I love. I am something of an author these days, and I really model my methods of story telling to those of the great Dr Seuss. I may never be as talented an illustrator as Seuss, but I just have a desire to bring the joy of reading that I gained from his books to the next generation some day. I know that as long as Dr. Seuss books are being sold, we will never have a shortage of great literature for children, and also for us adults looking to relive a fond part of our childhood.