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This week’s postings will probably be shorter than usual, since I am currently working a summer camp, and aside from have strict time constraints, Internet coverage is a bit spotty. Earlier today as I was going about my duties in the camp I started thinking about the concept of paying attention. I realize how ironic it is that attention became the focus of my thoughts, rather than the task at hand. I see it as pretty interesting that we have a method of blocking out stimuli and focusing on a single thing while still being bombarded with various external commotion. Often times it is said that children have short attention spans, but I don’t think that is exactly the case, I just think children try to focus on too many things at once because almost everything is new to them, even adults can seem a bit challenged in the attention department when they have too many options. One of the most interesting things about attention is how you can be focused on one thing for one moment and then instantly change focus without any active mental process. The human brain is like a super advanced computer with less safeguards, we can calculate or plan almost anything, but still be quickly derailed by a loss of concentration. Paying attention is crucial to most of life’s great successes, but life’s most basic needs such as sleeping, breathing, and digesting, are all done without a single conscious thought, a fact I find both hilarious and amazing. Attention is something that can be controlled and should be worked on. I understand that there may be times when the mind wants to wander, but as I have learned throughout life, you can not get anywhere without putting the right amount of focus into the execution of plans. Paying attention is a conscious effort to control the processes of the mind, and once it is correctly mastered success is inevitable.