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The fresh mountain air, and the seemingly endless stream of free activities to enjoy in nature, reminds me of one of Aesop’s fables about enjoying the simple things in life and treasuring the things you have been given. “The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse” is a story about a big city mouse, who goes to visit his cousin in the country. The city mouse is dissatisfied with the simplicity of country life, so he brings his cousin to the city in order to give him a taste of the high life. After a run in with the dangers of the city, the country mouse decides he would rather keep his simple rural life over the pomp of the city. One of this stories main themes is to be content with your surroundings, and this theme is shown by both mice in the tale. The city mouse was unhappy with the country even though he was only visiting, if he had a more open mind about his environment he would have definitely seen past the simplicity and enjoyed his stay with family. The country mouse wasn’t exactly upset about the country life, but he did expect the “grass to be greener” in the city, so he jumped at the chance to experience the high life, and was quickly reminded of the safe simplicity of his home. Whenever I leave my home for a while or even move to a new place, I try to make sure I enjoy my surroundings to the fullest while keeping in mind the benefits of my origins. As I stand in the this rural camp, I am enjoying the wildlife and the scenery, but I know at heart I will always be a “city boy,” and as long as I have the ability to travel, I will always take time to enjoy where I am without losing sight of the joys of home.