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I love traveling, I find it incredible that there are so many places to see and people to meet on this planet, so I try and get out as much as possible. One of the things I find most interesting about traveling to new countries and places is the cuisine. This planet has a diverse range of entrées and thanks to the travels of explorers and traders long ago many of these meals have similar ingredients and styles. As much as I hate the term “foodie,” it is the best way I can describe my affinity for food and it’s different flavors. Whenever I go anywhere I make it a point to try the local cuisine, especially if the meal is completely foreign to me. The way I see it, a trip or a vacation, isn’t just about exploring a new locale, it is also about experiencing the differences from your normal life. I know my stance on food would be difficult to take for a person who is allergic to various ingredients, but thankfully, I am allergic to nothing and very willing to try any food at least once. Traveling is an activity best done with others, and I love going to new locations with family and friends, my only qualm with traveling in a group is dealing with the taste preferences of others. Nothing bothers me more on a trip than the idea of eating fast food or standard American fare as a meal. Whenever I have to eat something I could have easily gotten at home, I feel cheated, it is almost as if I am only getting half of the trip experience. Traveling can be a fun and educational experience, and as with most new experiences, it is best received with an open mind or you may miss out on what makes it fun.