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A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.


I really wish it was possible to mathematically map out my decisions, but unfortunately, that simply isn’t a possibility. It is always fun to chart out the pros and cons before making a choice but in the end it comes down to knowledge and other non-mathematical factors that leads to making a decision. Knowledge is gained by a mix of studying, circumstances, and experiences, and while the most knowledgeable people often look to numbers to figure out an issue, it is more beneficial to look at things on a larger scale. I love this quote, because Plato is one of the fathers of western academia, and he is basically criticizing the monster that learning has become. In today’s school system, learning is more about getting it right than it is about actually understanding what “it” is. In the time of Pluto, learning was about understanding a concept and forming a unique opinion on the subject, but now we are more concerned with memorization and regurgitation. It seems as though we are building a generation that is desperate to understand but forced to just listen. The true test of knowledge is practice, and if students never get a chance to actively control their learning experience they may always feel like they will never understand what they are being taught. I know that, thanks to modern technology, learning may never return to the way it once was, but I am optimistic that we can find new ways to make sure learning stays progressive in the near future.