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Ant-Man was a fantastic film, it had a great balance of comedy and action, and the casting was perfect. As you have seen from my past reviews, I am a big time action movie fan, and Marvel hit this one out of the park when it comes to action. The idea of casting Paul Rudd as a super hero seemed a bit sketchy to me, but after seeing the advanced amount of humor in the film, I am glad they chose him. The character of Ant-Man is an extremely sarcastic and intelligent individual, who seemed to be thrown into a much larger world than he would have ever expected. The film is small within the scope of the other films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it leaves a large impression. The writing in the film was extremely clever, it played more like a comedy than a dramatic action film. Even with the deep drama going on in the narrative, there was never a moment when this film took itself too seriously. In a way it was like this movie made light of the whole dramatic world Marvel spent over 10 years creating, and I gladly accept this infusion of levity. If I can categorize this movie in the scope of the othe films in the MCU, I would call it the anti-Thor. The Thor movies always came off to me as dry with a bit of laughs thrown in, while Ant-Man takes a more comedic stance on drama. I would recommend this film to any comic book lover, but oddly enough, I would recommend it more to a comedy fan. The laughs were steady and warranted, and the actors made me feel like they would really exist in the world of the film. This movie is a low risk film for Marvel, they probably have no plans to make a sequel for this film, but after watching I would gladly pay to see Ant-Man return in his own solo film. I really enjoyed this film, and I can’t wait to see how they fit this wacky cast of characters into the future Marvel films.