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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was proof that people can live a full, purpose driven life, even if it is cut short. Martin Luther King Jr. was a civil rights leader in the south, who is widely acknowledged as one of the major driving forces behind the end of segregation. Dr. King was an activist at heart, and he wasn’t just chasing any frivolous cause, he was trying to make sure that his children did not have to grow up in the same divided United States of America that he knew from his youth. Dr. King was not only demonstrating and marching for his children, but also for everybody who would ever call Earth their home. King did not want the same hate that existed in this country for decades to be accepted as the popular norm any longer, and he used peaceful methods to protest this hate. The use of peaceful protests is an extremely brilliant tactic, as it gives a clear contrast between two sides of an argument, and right is almost never violent. I admire Dr. King because he showed magnificent resolve in approaching his mission, he was a man who always felt he had a calling in life, and when he found out what it was, he threw himself fully into his task. Martin Luther King Jr. is one of my favorite people in history because his work changed the course of history, and while his dream may not yet be fully realized, the ideals he fought to instill are already in motion, and thriving to this day.