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I have always been an animal lover, and I have generally been intrigued by the plight of endangered and threatened species. It bothers me to think that there are entire populations of animals being destroyed before the general public gets a chance to see them in person. I understand that there are many conservationist groups doing all they can to keep these animals alive, but as long as these creatures are being hunted and ousted from their natural habitats, there is little chance they will exist 10 years down the line. The biggest problem conservationists have with protecting rare species is the fact that these animals are usually heavily desired on the black market. It is unfortunate that hunters and poachers fail to realize that they are doing irreparable damage to the planet, and completely depleting their own source of income. What it comes down to is greed, the people who want these animals hanging on their mantels are depriving the world of a species in the name of owning a trophy. In my opinion, the best way to save endangered species is to make a truly enclosed artificial habitat for them. I understand that the captivity of a zoo is not ideal, but nature preserves are not as secure as the could be, so the only way to actually keep these animals safe is to simulate the wild. It may take years to figure out the best way to keep endangered animals safe, hopefully with new methods being formed daily, these animals will be able to last until a more permanent fix is in place.