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I found myself watching a UFC fight last night, and while I have never been a fan of the sport, I was struck by just how brutal it really is. UFC stands for ultimate fighting championship and it can be likened to extreme kickboxing. In this sport, the athletes battle it out literally, it is miraculous that more fighters are not seriously injured with the beatings that are given. UFC and mixed martial arts in general are sports that have many proponents, but with the studies that have shown the effects of concussions long term, I just don’t think these sports can survive very long. In the match I watched yesterday, one contender pummeled the face of his opponent for what seemed to be an eternity before the referee decided to call the match. I know that these referees are well trained professionals, but I think situations like the end of last night’s bout show that they probably need a more uniformed method of determining when enough is enough. I am not an MMA “hater,” so I would never be a fan of abolishing the sport, but I do think with a little more regulation it can be safe enough to survive for decades.