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Today, I started a new job in the city, and while I am still somewhat convinced that I will not end up living in New York for long, the city always seems to have a way of keeping me around. It has been a while since I worked in Manhattan, and now my days of driving and enjoying the relative serenity of the Bronx are going to be limited to weekends. Whenever you start something new there are obvious apprehensions, but with time and patience things can quickly become the usual, and that is the great thing about adaptation. Adaptation is the ability to get acclimated to a new situation in such a way that the stresses that were once problems are now handled with ease. I understand that it is difficult to get used to a new home or job, but when you consider the fact that humans are not the only creatures that go through active adaptation, it makes the whole process seem less difficult. One of the most common examples of adaptation in the wild can be seen in many forms of plants. Most plants grow towards the sun in order to increase their light intake, this usually involves bending and stretching to a location with better coverage, a tactic plants in brighter circumstances wouldn’t need to employ. Adaptation is not exactly a necessary trait in humans, but in order to survive a difficult situation it must be part of a persons working repertoire. Right now, it may seem like I have less time to blog daily, but I’m sure that I will be able to adapt to my new schedule shortly and get back on a pace in which I am better accustomed.