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This year’s MLB trade deadline looks to be the most exciting in years. I can honestly say that I have never been more interested in the possibilities with regards to the names of players being thrown around. This year, we have already seen big name allstars such as Johnny Cueto and Troy Tulowitzki shipped off, with more of the biggest names in the sport commonly being spoken of in trade talks. I have followed baseball for years, and while big names have been traded before, this year seems to be the first in which multiple former contenders are looking to unload their longtime franchise centerpieces. The New York Mets, a team that has high expectations and great pitching this season, are currently hurting for a strong bat to place in their lineup, and recent rumors have stated the possibility of the team trading ace pitcher Matt Harvey for another big name player. Harvey is the heart of the franchise when it comes to popularity and productivity, and no matter how great the return is on the trade, the Mets will most certainly lose the respect of many fans by letting him go. Another great player being regularly mentioned in rumors is Dodgers centerfielder, Yasiel Puig, and while many may think it insane to trade such a young and talented commodity, the Dodgers have shown the ability to quickly call up strong talent from the minors to replace fan favorites. There are many more “sellers” than “buyers” at this year’s MLB trade deadline and while rumors are not always the most legitimate of sources, the trades we have seen already show that no player is safe, and that this last week before trades cease will be a rollercoaster for many players and franchises.