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The title of this post sounds like a great name for a children’s book, unfortunately the story behind this title is less jovial. The web is running wild with hate for Walter Palmer, a Minnesota dentist who is now infamous for killing Cecil, a protected lion in a Zimbabwe nature preserve. I have to start my opinion on these proceedings by stating that I love wildlife, I am a huge wildlife advocate, and I have previously stated my displeasure with the safety or lack of safety in many nature preserves. With that said, I think everybody is essentially missing the point when it comes to this anger being pointed at this individual. The dentist did wrong, that much is true, it was incredibly stupid for him to take a trip to another country just to spend such an exorbitant amount of money on killing a majestic and protected lion, but the biggest issue is the fact that there is a market for this type of foolish behavior in the world. Death threats against a dentist will not change the system, and to be honest threatening to kill a human being is a bit excessive no matter how upset you are by their actions. I think what it comes down to these days is “fad outrage,” bloggers and social media users seem to be scouring the web for topics to be upset about, regardless of how they actually feel about the issue. I am confident that Dr. Palmer will face prosecution for his idiotic and selfish crime, but until that happens, I would love to see more Americans focus on the problems we still face as a country in hopes of finding some solutions.