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This past weekend, I got a chance to hang out with an old friend who just happened to have his first child. I had a series of interesting questions to ask him about parenthood. Most of my questions were serious, but the one that stood out was a random joke question I asked that somehow managed to be relatively sensible. I asked, “If you and your wife had to go away for a year, and leave your child with a clown, a dragon, or a bear, who would you choose?” I fully understand that this is a foolish question, but it seems like most people I ask this question have the same answer. While I’m sure that everyone understands the most logical answer to this query is the clown, it is astounding just how many people don’t trust a clown with their baby. The most common answer I received was a bear, and funny enough, that was the answer I had in mind. Now, this was just meant to be a random comical question, but the answer of bear does make sense when it comes from someone in my generation. When you consider the three choices, a dragon should be immediately omitted, not just because it is a reptile, but also due to the fire breathing aspect. As for the clown, I said it before, but there is just seems to be a negative stigma on clowns, I know they are humans, but parents don’t want their children raised in a wacky and unstructured environment. The bear is my choice because of The Jungle Book. Baloo raised Mowgli and he did a perfectly fine job at it, I would love fore my children to grow up understanding the “bear necessities of life.” Try asking this question to friends and family, I know it sounds foolish, but I guarantee most people will answer bear.