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The New York Yankees have been on an absolute tear over the past 10 games, a team that many thought was on the decline has seen new life thanks to their lineup’s extreme versatility. The Yankees have scored 90 runs in the last 10 games and they are showing little sign of slowdown. At the beginning of the season the team looked as though they would only be able to live on the strength of the players at the top of the batting order, but the team has shown that they can perfectly adjust to any changes injuries or slumps may bring. During this hot streak the bottom of the Yankee lineup has been hitting extremely well, they have even outperformed the guys at the heart of the lineup in a few games. I am a Yankee fan so I don’t want to “jinx” their success, but it isn’t a completely ridiculous thought that this team may go very far in the playoffs. The Yankees have not been a good team over the last couple of years, and while this year’s team seemed overwhelmingly average, the Yankees decided to pass on any major team improving trades. The story behind the Yankees’ lack of movement at the trade deadline was the team’s desire to keep their prized pitching prospect, Luis Severino, and while the jury is still out on Severino’s big league productivity, many people believe he is “the real deal.” Severino looks to make his first major league start tonight for the surging Yankees, and I as a Yankee fan, would love to see him kick off his MLB career with a legendary performance. Hopefully the team’s decision to keep him will pay off both this season and in the long term.