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The other day, I received a message from an old friend asking why we no longer hung out. When I consider my friendship with this individual in the past, I remember a time when we would never be out of contact for more than a week, but now she is just about a stranger to me. The thing about friendships is that no matter how much we grow and change they usually stay the same, but with growth, we often have to trim branches, and some relationships just don’t make the cut. I decided to respond of course, since it would be rude to ignore someone, let alone a person who was once considered a good friend, and I found out that this old friend wanted me to come to their house warming party. On a regular occasion, with a more familiar friend I would have quickly agreed to attend, but now I was faced with this stranger asking me to meet in an unfamiliar place, with other unfamiliar people. I decided to attend out of cordiality, and it was just as awkward as I thought it would be. I made small talk with a few interesting individuals, with whom I had very little in common, and I tried to rebuild this friendship with my old friend, only to find that we may be too far apart to reconnect on the same level we once connected. I learned an interesting thing about myself from this situation, I learned that no mater how much I would love to keep many of my old or even current relationships going, some friendships are seasonal. I don’t mean to say that it is foolish or impossible to build a lasting friendship, but I will say that situational friendships will generally only last as long as the situations that called for them. People will always try to reconnect with old friends, but in the end, old friendships are old for a reason. I wish all of my old friends the best in life, now I will just have to live with the not so sad realization that the fond memories I have shared with these individuals can only be tainted by trying to restart a connection that has been long interrupted.