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You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of.

– Albert Camus

I find this quote to be pretty interesting, it goes along the lines of the idea that you can never get rich if you keep chasing money. Unlike money, the author of this quote writes about happiness, which is of course an intangible feeling. Happiness is something that everyone is searching for but very few can actually define. The intriguing thing about happiness is that it is unquantifiable, you can never have too much or too little happy, but everyone wants enough of it to get them through life. Happiness has been made into an unobtainable goal, that defines one’s quality of life, and for years many people have exploited the human’s foolish desire to define what happiness is by selling us useless items and ideas. In essence the flaw of pursuing happiness is that nobody who is searching for it can identify the object they are chasing. The key to happiness and having a happy life is just living one, the moment anyone decides they must find happiness is the moment they have missed it completely. Happiness is in action and those who consider themselves happy cherish the little things in life, and they are grateful for the joy that is life. People like to define happiness in many different ways, but the truth is, once you decide that you can not actually pursue happiness, it will be much easier to obtain.