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The NFL season will soon be upon us, a summer’s worth of speculation will finally come to an end as teams will finally get a chance to just play ball. As a huge football fan I am incredibly excited to see how this season turns out, hopefully it doesn’t end like the last season, with another terrible play call. The NFL is one of if not the most popular sport in the USA. Even when the games are not going on there is something to be said about the sport in the news. This offseason has already been filled with non football related stories surrounding the NFL and its players, and now it is time to get back to playing ball. I am certain that I have said it before in this blog, but I must reiterate, I am a New York Giants fan and I am expecting big things from this team this year. The past two seasons for the Giants were just plain awful, they looked listless and unprepared, but this season they look to put the struggles of the past far behind them in hopes of bringing home the team’s fifth Super Bowl title. The Giants have been fully acclimated to their new offensive scheme, and they have added the type of talent necessary to go far in the playoffs. On paper, the Giants seem like a solid Super Bowl pick, but they still need to get past the other 31 teams who are chasing the same prize. Every team in the NFL will start this coming season with the same record and the same goal in mind, I look forward to watching this exciting season play out over the next few months, and I hope to see my Giants finish the season by raising a trophy.