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A picture is the closest we can get to traveling back in time at this moment. I understand that we have advanced video capabilities in this day and age, but there is just something about a picture that sets it apart. Whenever you look into a photo, you are basically given full control of the context of a situation, that is why ten people could look at the same photo and view it completely differently. There is an old saying that states, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and I have seen the truth in that statement thousands of times. I was recently looking through some old photo albums, and while I was a child in many of these photos, I felt as though I was tossed back in time to those wonderful days. I saw a cool photo of my oft arguing older siblings, who were then toddlers, getting along wonderfully, and I was left to wonder what had changed in the 20 something years this photo was taken. The photo showed two well behaved children playing together but it didn’t show the incidents leading up to that joyous moment, perhaps they where fighting minutes before or after this photo was taken. The joy of photography is the fact that the viewer of the photo is not bothered with the context surrounding the picture. Pictures have stayed the most popular form of memory preservation because of the fact that they don’t tell the whole story, but still manage to encompass every emotion and word possible in presenting it. I am certain that if humans last another 200 years here on earth, photographs will be just as informative and useful then as they are today in recreating our view of the past and preserving our memories in the future.