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Communication has come a very long way over the past few centuries. What was once considered unimaginable is now the norm, and connections that many dreamed of are now being harnessed in the hands of infants. When Alexander Graham Bell and the other early telecommunication inventors thought up the telephone, they just wanted an effective way of relaying a spoken message, and now their work is part of a massive infrastructure that they would have never fathomed. There was once a time when the most effective way of communicating aside from interpersonal, was via carrier pigeon, and now we are able to easily link with people across the world with video messages. I once worked in the telecommunications industry so I am well aware of how quickly we can go from one huge advancement to another, and communication seems to be getting wider and more advanced than ever at an incredibly fast rate. The best way for me to illustrate the great advancements we have seen in the past few years is through my own experience. My parents have been out of the country for a little while, and thanks to the great advancements in telecommunications worldwide, I have been able to speak with them clearly, and at will. Recent advancements in cellular and digital communications have made talking to somebody who is 5200 miles and an ocean away seem as simple as calling a next door neighbor. We have definitely gone a long way since the first telephone, and there seems to be no stopping the rate of growth communication technology is seeing. At this point in time it would be ridiculous for me to speculate on what the future holds for communication, but with the speed of technological advancements, I would not be surprised to see my wildest dreams outdone by an unbelievable reality in the near future.